Welcome to Chubby Tubby Trans!



Welcome to Chubby Tubby Trans!

This is a place where chubby and fat trans people can submit or just be in awe of our beautiful selves.

Trans people of all varieties are encouraged to submit their pictures, writing, etc. about being a fat/chubby person in the world and in the trans community.

We will get together to say, “eff you,” to societal standards of beauty!

Our bodies are wondrous and amazing. So let’s shout it loud or quietly view it behind your computer screen.

Having a place that is primarily focused on the beautiful big bodies of trans people is super important to me so I created this blog.

I want every chubby/fat trans person out there to know that your body is valid and gorgeous. This is a place for you.

I created the new blog for chubby and fat trans people that I was talking about!

Go to Chubby Tubby Trans and take a look, submit, ask, or suggest!



this is a post where i ask for help

  • my name is elie i’m 21 years old white queer trans mentally ill and autistic
  • my parents are getting a divorce
  • they both want me to move in with them
  • i don’t want to move in with either of them. i love them both dearly and they’ve done a lot for me but:
  • my mother is not very accepting of my sexuality and not at all accepting of my gender, she condescends me and my interests constantly, and she’s very controlling and generally mean to me and everyone else
  • my father is absolutely horrible to me whenever my mental illness makes itself known, he calls me stupid and other names and he never does anything around the house bc he thinks it’s not his place and he has serious anger issues 
  • i’m tired of living in an environment like that and it’s just getting worse as they’re getting more stressed and angry over the split
  • i’m also trying to go back to school. they’re both planning to live in places where i would not be able to do this there. all i would be able to do is live with them and work all the time, the same thing i am doing now. i have been trying to save to go back to school, or to be more specific, to cover living expenses so i can go back to school, but the more i think about it the more i realize that the best choice for me would be to move in that direction now and then gradually ease into going back to school (like maybe take a class or two at a time)
  • i have some money saved but it’s nowhere near what i need to move out and not be totally fucked if i can’t get a good job right away, and i’m not going to be so optimistic as to just assume that’s going to happen for me
  • i’m trying to move out as soon as possible. i’m working almost every day (last week i worked 48 hours, the week before i worked 51) at a job that is incredibly draining for me, both physically, because i am there for 8-13 hours busting ass on the days that i work, and emotionally, because i don’t have time for myself or to spend time with friends or see anyone other than the people i work with/for, and because i’m a server and i honestly have a lot of difficulty with it bc i am mentally ill. there is a lot of short term memory stress and general workplace stress is very high because i work at a place where the guests own the restaurant and have been losing money there lately and a lot of them take it out on the employees, being rude or downright hateful  and abusive.
  • any help would be appreciated
  • donations to my paypal (which is (there is also a button on my page) could expedite this process and help me afford things like cups and silverware and towels and pans and cleaning supplies and shit which i don’t currently have my own sets of and cannot take with me from my current living arrangement
  • also if you have any advice/suggestions for moving out or living on your own i’d love to hear them because i know nothing about how to do this and i’m honestly fucking petrified
  • also also if you live in jacksonville fl i’d like to make friends with people… i know literally nobody there and it’s really scary. i’d especially love to meet other queer/trans ppl bc being able to talk to ppl that understand and support me is rly important to me
  • basically any help at all would be incredible even if all u can do is signal boost this
  • thank you